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time is like a bulldozer, destroying and gathering memories…


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“la collectionneuse”, eric Rohmer, 1966

Function: noun

Synonyms GATHERING , assemblage, assembly, company, congeries, congregation, crowd, group, muster, ruck
Related Word band, crew, outfit, party

Synonyms ACCUMULATION, agglomeration, aggregation, amassment, conglomeration, cumulation, hoard, trove
Related Word assortment, medley, miscellany, variety; bunch, clump, cluster, group; armamentarium; caboodle, kit, lot

… is 1+1 a collection?


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“ce qui ne me tue pas, me rend plus fort”.
Yesterday, in Venice .


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Léon POIRIER , Photogramme Poirier. (Vision d’histoire), 1925
Today I heard that only 15 poilus are stil alive.
Maybe zero next year, and no more witness, is it a problem?


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republika marzen

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exhibition “Bruno Schulz, La république des rêves”, Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme, Paris. 13 oct 2004 – 23 jan 2005
I’d like to see this exhibition.

I remember this time with Schulz :
keeping his book in my hands,
I’m not alone to feel me different…

“I am simply calling it The Book without any epithets or qualifications, and in this sobriety there is a shade of helplessness, a silent capitulation before the vastness of the transcendental, for no word, no allusion, can adequately suggest the shiver of fear the presentiment of a thing without name that exceeds all our capacity for wonder. ” (from ‘The Book’ in Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, 1937)

“On Saturday afternoons I used to go for a walk with my mother. From the dusk of the hallway, we stepped at once into the brightness of the day. The passers-by, bathed in melting gold, had their eyes half closed against the glare, as if they were drenched with honey. Upper lips were drawn back, exposing the teeth. Everyone in this golden day wore that grimace of heat – as if the sun had forced his worshipers to wear identical masks of gold. The old and the young, women and children, faces with thick gold paint; they smiled at each other’s pagan faces – the barbaric smiles of Bacchus.” (from ‘August’ in The Street of Crocodiles, 1934)


hope, wait, and die

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“letter from an unknown woman” Max Ophuls, 1948

She’s watching to him.
He doesn’t see her.
At this moment begins the dream, outside of reality.

Then, everything is possible, to stay in this world or to fall down…


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I like this photograph, this look.
Is he looking to me or playing with the camera?

J’espere que tu ne m’en veux pas de montrer cette image.

le noir est la couleur la plus essentielle…

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“we have to respect black as nothing can prostitute it… It is the agent of one’s spirit more than any colour” Odilon redon

Du skal ære din hustru

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Humorless feminist “comedy” of 1925.
“To demand that color in color films should be “natural” is to misunderstand all that is involved” Carl T. Dreyer