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Harrisson’s birthday, September 18

Around Fortress 5 :
Harrisson. Sept 18
Elke V.L. Sept. 19
Wendy V.W Sept.25
Roland W. Sept.28
Julien S. Sept.30
Javier P.C. Oct. 15
Fabienne D. Nov.18
Wouter M. Dec 18
Laurent T. Jan.10
Tina H. Jan.31
Yves P. Jan.31
Roberta M. Feb.8
Pierre D. Mar.3
Nicolas M. Mar. 18
Didier D. April 27
Sebastien K. May 8
Dirk D.W. May 17
Laurence R. July 25
Benoit D. Aug.24

You are not mentionned? We didn’t forget you but we don’t know your birthday date. So, give it to us!

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  1. nicolas Says:

    harrisson. Sep 18